Who I Am

Name: Rachel

Age: 29

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Occupation: 1) Administrative 2) Waitress

Roommates: 3 cats (Schnitz, Arthur, & Charlie)


Why a Tiny House?

Financial freedom – I realized that if I bought a traditional house I’d be saddled with debt for nearly the rest of my life. Tiny living, on the other hand, offers a smaller cost and higher reward.

Actual freedom – The most common question I got was, “Well what if you get married?” Sorry to be quite the feminist, but what if I don’t? I shouldn’t have to wait for a man to do what I want with my life.

Simplicity – I love the idea of living more simply and going back to basics. I currently rent in the city and it’s never allowed me to have a garden or much outdoor space. Living tiny will finally allow me this luxury.



24 thoughts on “Simply Rachel: About Me

  1. Sorry…to hear your parents were no help. Don’t blame it on the age…I’m 65. My children…much older than you…are wondering when I’ll grow up. In 2008, I purchased a new home, 1500 sq. ft. on 5 acres of property. Notice I said 2008…6 months after purchase bottom fell out of real estate market. I follow the tiny house movement…wish I had did this…may yet do it. Get rid of the house and construct a tiny home on 3.3 acres of the property I presently own. This would allow me to kayak, scuba, hike, and camp to my hearts desire. Keep your chin up…good luck with your dream…pursue your dream. I did and will continue, until they shove me in the furnace.


  2. Rachel,

    I am also on the path for tiny home living. I moved from a 2000 square apartment to a 360 square foot apartment to see if I could do it. I absolutely love it living this way and it takes a lot of stress off of me. I posted on Facebook one day, prior to my move, telling all my friends that I was giving away a lot of my stuff and I was able to give it all to people that really needed the things I had. I would really like to purchase a lot in uptown since there are so many vacant lots and so many rundown abandon houses. I am not sure where to start so if you can give me some guidance I would greatly appreciate it. I have been looking at container homes and I think they are awesome.



    1. Hi John! Where are you located? Are you in Western PA? I would be happy to help you in any way I can! I looked at container homes at one point too but mine will actually just be a Tiny House on wheels, not a container home. Please feel free to email me at rford192@gmail.com.


  3. I live on the original farm lot in Greentree. Rach, gve me a call. My house half burned down and is being rebuilt as we speak. Around the back I have 2 stall garage I don’t use much. Nobody would say anything about it. My cat is still there, as I cant have him in the hotel. So I check in on him regularly, although the disaster restoration crew love him. I popped in unannounced only to find this BIG guy holding him. Since we have mutual friends, and I want to the same, we can move your new house to my driveway. I’ll give you keys to my house to shower and use the bathroom. email me at bbankovic@gmail.com or on facebook at Bert Bankovic

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    1. Thanks for the information! I am currently looking at a couple of lots to buy where my house would be legal, but I’ll let you know if they fall through. I may want to come see!


      1. In Pittsburgh? I settled in Center Township, Beaver County. Once I found it was legal there I basically stopped looking. Are you in the area?


  4. Hi Rachel!

    I’m in the same spot. I’m a 25 year old freelance writer, and I don’t want to wait for retirement, marriage, and kids to start living my life. My goal is to build my tiny house in the next year and move to rural Missouri where THOWs are actually legal (no building codes). I look forward to seeing where your journey will lead you, and I wish you luck in your tiny house adventures!


  5. Hey Rachel,

    My name is Ian Carbone. I teach in the Environmental Science Department at Allegheny College. I focus a lot on energy efficiency in my courses, and I can tell you that we have a number of students who are interested in Tiny homes. Would you have any interest in making a trip up to Meadville sometime and sharing your experience with the Allegheny community? If so, just let me know. We would love to have you.


  6. Rachael, we live in the the suburbs right outside of Philadelphia PA. We want so badly to start our tiny house journey, but fear not have a steady place to park and someone considering our children in danger if we go this route. Are you able to help with what worked for you, information you found, or any other details? Thank you in advance!

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  7. Rachel,

    Hi! I’m 42, and live in Morgantown, WV. I only just learned of tiny houses at the beginning of June and was hooked. I have the builders narrowed down to 3. The roadblock I am facing is finding land. I only need a spot big enough for my gooseneck trailer, 2 cats, and my car.

    Good luck to you!


  8. Yes – I’m in Pittsburgh I want to begin my process but the biggest hurdle seems to be location, location, location. What boros or townships have you found to be legal? I would love to chat with you if you would be interested!


    1. Hi! I would love to chat! My main strategy was using zillow.com to look for land in areas I was interested. Then I went to the borough’s website to see if I could find anything. Finally I called, just to make sure I was reading everything correctly. It’s time-consuming and a bit tedious, but it worked for me!


      1. So you bought a piece of land and your placing your THOW on it? That’s it? You mentioned getting creative. Did you have to do anything to work-around any codes, laws, etc.?


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